L e W i S s L a D e . c O m / T r A d I n G

50ft Monster (Catherine Wheel)
Life After Demos 2003-09 DETAIL


Tracks (2000-05) DETAIL

Amber Run
Non-Album Tracks 2014-15

Amityville (Geneva)
Lazy Son (Demos, Download singles, Pacific Radio Fire EP compilation 2004-05) DETAIL

Andy Yorke (Unbelievable Truth)
Live at the Zodiac, Oxford, UK -  21st Oct. '05 (Debut solo show, audience recording) DETAIL
Greenbelt Festival: Cheltenham Racecourse, Prestbury, UK - 25th August '08 (DVD) DETAIL
Roses (B-Sides, Sessions, Demos 2006-08) DETAIL

Keeping Count: Songs 2003-07 DETAIL

Angels & Airwaves
Safe from Light (B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2006-10) DETAIL

Antony and the Johnsons
Territorios Festival, Seville, Spain - 26th May '05 DETAIL
Live at LSO St. Luke's (BBC4 Sessions), London, UK - 22nd Nov. '05 (CD/DVD) DETAIL
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2001-06 DETAIL
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2007-09 DETAIL

Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)
Collected Recordings 1996-2005 DETAIL
Collected Recordings 2006-07 (2CD) DETAIL
Collected Recordings 2008-10 DETAIL

Archive Hour, The (BBC Radio4)
The 1968 My Lai Tapes - BBC Radio documentary about the Vietnam War mass murders, broadcast 15th March '08

Avril Lavigne
Let Go - Demos DETAIL


King Bing's B-Sides (1995-1997) (2CD)
A Hearse Without Wheels: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1998-99
Live at Cambridge Junction, UK - 27th Sept. '98 DETAIL
Bugged (b-sides)
Between My Ears There's Nothing But B-Sides (Babybird/Stephen Jones 2002-10)

Beatles, The
The Christmas Records 1963-69 DETAIL

Belarus (Matthew Kilford)
Digging Holes in the Snow (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2003-06) DETAIL

Beloved, The
The Unreleased 1987 Album + Demos DETAIL

Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie)
A Very Milky Christmas: Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, USA - 14th Dec. '02 DETAIL
9.30 Club, Washington DC, USA - 10th May '07 DETAIL

Bic Runga
Morning Becomes Eclectic: KCRW, Santa Monica, USA - 25th Oct. '02 DETAIL

Billy Rain (Cat Goscovitch/Nut)
'Billy Rain' and 'Nut' B-Sides 1994-96 DETAIL

B-Sides 1993-97 DETAIL
B-Sides 1997-2007 DETAIL

BlackCar (Headswim/Dan Glendining)
One Moment of Purity (Demos/Session/Outtake) DETAIL
Live at the 12 Bar Club, London, UK - 28th Sept. '09 (DVD) DETAIL

Black Nielson (Co-Pilgrim)
The B-Sides 2001-05 DETAIL

Blue Jam (Chris Morris)
Series 1, Episode 1 (14th Nov. '97) DETAIL

Bluetones, The
Expecting To Fly (B-Sides) DETAIL
Return to the Last Chance Saloon (B-Sides) DETAIL
Live at the Mayfair, Newcastle, UK - 14th May '98
Science and Nature (B-Sides)
Luxembourg (B-Sides) DETAIL

Boy Kill Boy (Chris Peck)
Civilian (B-Sides) (2CD)
Stars and the Sea (B-Sides)

Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies)
Crash Test Dude: The Brad Roberts Rockumentary (VHS to DVD conversion) DETAIL

Brand New
Out of Range (Non-album tracks 2006-16) DETAIL

Brinkman (Paul Cook)
What's It All About? (Recordings 2004-07) DETAIL

British Sea Power
London Calling: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 15th March '02 DETAIL
Brilliantine Mortality (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2001-04) (2CD) DETAIL
How Animals Work (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2005) DETAIL
Motorway Exit Gates (Live/Radio sessions 2002-05) DETAIL
Boys from the Hitler Youth (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2007-10) (2CD) DETAIL
Valhalla Dancehall - B-Side/Non-Album tracks (2011-12) DETAIL

Budapest (John Garrison)
Saccharin (EP's and B-Sides 1997-2001) DETAIL
Demos 1999-2002 DETAIL
Abdicate Sessions/Demos 2002 DETAIL
Demos 2003 DETAIL
Demos 2004 DETAIL
Demos 2005 DETAIL
Live 2002-05 DETAIL
Demos 2006 DETAIL

Alleys and Motorways (DVD)
Edits/Remixes 1995-2000 (2CD)
B-Sides 1995-2001 DETAIL
Live Recordings 1994-2002 (Official B-Sides/Non-Album tracks) (2CD) DETAIL


Cat Goscovitch (Billy Rain/Nut)
'Billy Rain + Nut' B-Sides 1994-96 DETAIL

Cat Stevens
KCET Studios, Los Angeles, USA - 8/6/71
Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo - 22/6/74

Catatonia (Cerys Matthews)
The Whispering Room (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1992-2000) [Not on 2015 Deluxe Editions] DETAIL

Catherine Wheel
After Dark Club, Reading, UK - 28/3/92
Live in Madrid - 15/10/92
Fermented: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1991-92 (3CD)
Live at Slims, San Francisco, USA - 25/10/93
Peabodys, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 13th Dec. 1993
Chrome Protection: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1993-94 [Not on 'Like Cats and Dogs'] (2CD) DETAIL
Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht, Netherlands - 9th July 1995 DETAIL
Live in Stoke, UK - 17/7/95
1995 Sessions: Cat's Paw Studios,  Atlanta, USA - 9th May / Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1, London, UK - 12th July
/ Just Passin' Thru', 99.1 HFS, Omega Studios, Rockville, USA - 1st Sept.
Live at The Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 9/11/95 (acoustic)
The Dark Ride: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1995 [Not on 'Like Cats and Dogs']
Live in Boston, USA - 19/5/97
Live in San Francisco, USA - 25/8/97 (2CD)
TV Compilation 1993-1997 (120 minutes/much music/conen o'brian/mtv/musique plus) (DVD)
Live in New York, Bowery Ballroom, USA - 14/4/00 (2CD)
Live at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 11/7/00 (2CD)
Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 11th July 2000 (DVD) DETAIL
The Videos 1991-2000 (DVD) DETAIL

Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie)
Songs Collected 1994-2005 (includes Martin Youth Auxiliary)

Collapsis (Mike Garrigan)
Dirty Wake 15th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 14th Feb. 2015 DETAIL

Connells, The
Darker Days + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at The Brewery, Raleigh, NC,  USA - 2nd Dec. 1985
Boylan Heights + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Fun & Games - Demos
Fun & Games + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the Cotton Club, Atlanta, USA - 11th March 1989 (2CD)
One Simple Word (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the 1313 Club, Charlotte, NC, USA - 16th Feb. 1991 (2CD)
Live at the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, USA - 5th August 1992 (2CD)
Live at the Vic Theatre, Chicago, USA - 20th Oct. 1993
Rockpalast: Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany - 25th March 1995 + Promotional Videos (DVD)
Live at Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany - 26th March 1995
Ring + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016) (2CD)
Weird Food & Devastation + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia, USA - 1997
American Music Festival: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA - 5th Sept. 1998 (2CD)
Strange Little Arrangement (interviews/live/promotional videos) (DVD)
Live at the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, USA - 14th Dec. 2001 (2CD)
Not So Bad At All (b-sides/non-album tracks 1984-2003) (2CD)
The Connells Cover Tape - Deluxe Edition (live performances) (2CD) DETAIL
The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, USA - 6th Oct. 2005
The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, USA - 22nd Dec. 2006 (2CD)
The Midtown Festival of the Arts, Atlanta, GA, USA - 25th Sept. 2010 (2CD)

Cranberries, The (Dolores O'Riordan)
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York, USA - 14th Feb. 1995 DETAIL
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York, USA - 14th Feb. 1995 (DVD) DETAIL

Crash Test Dummies
Symptomology of a Rock Band: The Case of Crash Test Dummies (VHS to DVD conversion) DETAIL
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 26th October 1994 DETAIL
'Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour' Kentucky Theater, Lexington, USA - 2003
A Collection of Rarities and B-Sides 1988-2004

Counting Crows
Flying Demos - 1991 DETAIL
Live at the Luxor Club, Cologne, Germany - 15th April '94 (DVD) DETAIL
Live at the Shim-Sham Club, New Orleans, USA - 29/4/01 (2CD)
Pinkpop Festival: Landgraaf, Netherlands - 1/6/08 (DVD)
Falling Over You (is the News of the Day) (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1994-2010) (4CD)

Chris Rea
Live! 1980-83 ('Tennis' and 'Water Sign' Tours) DETAIL
'Musikladen' (Beat-Club), Bremen, Germany - 30th Sept. 1983 (DVD) DETAIL
Water Sign (LRS Remastered 2015 + B-Sides) DETAIL
Wired to the Moon (LRS Remastered 2014 + B-Sides) DETAIL
Don't Look Back: The B-Sides 1978-85 DETAIL
Rockpalast: Open Air Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany - 17th August 1985 (DVD) DETAIL
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia - 3rd Oct. 1987 (2CD) DETAIL
True To You: The B-Sides 1986-91 DETAIL
Don't Turn Away: The B-Sides 1992-94 DETAIL

D :

Depeche Mode
Demos 1984-1989
Devotional - Barcelona/Frankfurt 1993 (DVD audio rip) (2CD)
Exciter - The Remix Album
B-Sides 81>11 (4CD)
Exciter: Dominatrix Remix 2015 DETAIL

Del Amitri
Waking Hours (b-sides)
Glastonbury, Pilton, Somerset - 23rd June 1990
Change Everything (b-sides)
Twisted (b-sides)
Hatful of Rain: A Closer Look at Del Amitri (Justin Currie and Iain Harvie discussing the band)

Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook)
Those Other Tracks (1988-2010) DETAIL

Damnwells. The
Lost Complaints (ep's, b-sides & non-album tracks 2002-07) (2CD)
Demos 2002-08 (2CD)
Golden Days 'Virtual Soundtrack' (taken from DVD)

David Gray
Live in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA - 2001

David Lynch
Hotel Room (1993) (DVD)
Original Music from the Films and Works of David Lynch (2CD)

David Kitt
The B-Sides 2001-2004
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 27th Nov. 2004

Dan Glendining (Headswim/BlackCar)
Live 2006

Delta Tapes (Sub Sub)

Death Cab for Cutie
B-Sides 1999-2001
El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA - 1st March 2002
The Photo Album (b-sides)
Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 31st Oct. 2003 (2CD)
Transatlanticism (b-sides)
iTunes Originals
9:30 Club, Washington, D.C., USA - 24th Oct. 2005 (2CD) DETAIL
KEXP 90.3 FM - Sessions 2002-2005 DETAIL
A Series Of Blurs (b-sides/rarities/non-album 1999-2007) (3CD)

Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries)
Non-Album Tracks 1994-2009

The 815 L Street Club, Sacramento, California, USA - 26th Feb. 2000 DETAIL

B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1997-2002

B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1995-2000 (2CD) DETAIL


The Good Will Out (b-sides)
Live at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK - 27/10/97 + Maida Vale Studios - 23/7/98
Drawn From Memory (b-sides)
If You've Never Been (B-Sides)
Out Of Nothing (b-sides)
This New Day (b-sides) (2CD)
Promotional Videos 1997-2006 (2DVD)

B-Sides 1985-88 (Wonderland, The Circus, The Innocents) DETAIL
B-Sides 1989-91 (Wild!, Chorus) DETAIL
B-Sides 1994-97 (I Say I Say I Say, Erasure, Cowboy) DETAIL
Markymix - Incomprehensibly Beautiful
Markymix - Hyperdub
B-Sides 2000-06 (Loveboat, Other People's Songs, Nightbird, Union Street)

B-Sides from the Back Room (2005-06) (2CD) DETAIL
An End Has A Start (b-sides)
Glastonbury - 23rd June 2007 (DVD)

Electric Six
Evil Generation (b-sides & more 2002-2006)

Envy & Other Sins
Prodigal Sons: B-Sides and Demos 2005-08 DETAIL


Alternate Endings II (2005-2009) (2CD)
The Videos 2005-09 (DVD)

Fine Young Cannibals (Roland Gift)
Live at The Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA - Oct. 1989 (DVD) DETAIL
The Videos (DVD) DETAIL

Flik Spatula
Freak Power (EP, Studio and Live Compilation) (Jan. 2012) [LRS Remastered 2019] DETAIL


Festival des Inrockuptibles, La Cigale, Paris - 3/11/94 (Black Sessions)
If The Dress Fits: Live Compilation 1994/95
Club Gino, Stockholm, Sweden - 25th Jan. 1995
You Died Tonight - USA Tour, May '96 DETAIL
You Winsome Devils: Bristol Colston Hall, Bristol, UK - 16/4/95
Erotika, Paris - 24/4/95
The Institute, Birmingham, UK - 25/5/95
Stars in Their Eyes: Live Electric/Acoustic Compilation 1995/96
Astoria, London, UK - 13th Nov. 1996 DETAIL
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 1st March 1997 DETAIL
Live at the Irving Plaza, New York, USA - 20/5/97
Zodiac, Oxford, UK - 27th Oct. 1997
Live at the Forum, London, UK - 26/3/99
Sugar Mill, Stoke, UK - 25/8/99
Live at the Mercury Lounge, New York, USA - 10/7/00
Maida Vale 4, London, UK - 19th Sept. 2001
Promotional Videos 1994-2001 (DVD) DETAIL
Live at Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, Arizona, USA - 7/9/02
Club Spaceland, LA, USA - 9/9/02
Live at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 17/9/02 (2CD)
Live at the Astoria, London, UK - 28/9/02
Farewell Manchester: Academy 2, Manchester, UK - 14th December 2004 (2CD)
Lost in the Fog 1993-2004 (3CD) DETAIL
Olympian - Live (Compiled August 2019) DETAIL

Geneva (Amityville)
Further (b-sides) DETAIL
Weather Underground (b-sides) DETAIL

Ghosts (Polanski)
Polanski Died on the Way to the Gig (B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2005-07) DETAIL

Gin Blossoms
Demos and Rough Mixes

Little Things Called Fear (b-sides 2006-08)

The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia - August 2010 (with Toby Martin on Vocals) DETAIL

Goldrush (Whispering bob/The Dreaming Spires)
B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2001-04

Guy Chadwick (The House of Love)
Stranded on the Shore (Black Session, 26th Jan. 1998 + B-Sides) DETAIL
Lazy, Soft & Live: Black Session - Jan. 1998 / VH-1 Session - Feb. 1998 / This Strength - Video (DVD) DETAIL


House of Love, The
'The Butterfly Album' B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1989-90 DETAIL
KCRW 89.9 'Snap Session', Santa Monica, California, USA - 15th Feb. 1990 DETAIL
'Babe Rainbow' B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1991-93 DETAIL
Promotional Videos and TV Appearances 1988-92 (DVD) DETAIL
Days Run Away (b-sides)

London Bridge Studio, Seattle, Washington, USA - 13th Feb. 1997 (DVD)
Troubled Minds - B-Sides/Non-Album/Rarities 1994-2000 (3CD)

B-Sides 2004-05 DETAIL

Hello Strangers, The (Mark Mulcahy/Miracle Legion)
Goodbye (remastered from vinyl) DETAIL

Huey Lewis and The News
1980-2003 (2CD)

Hope Is Important (b-sides)
100 Broken Windows (b-sides)
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 3/4/00
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland - 30/5/02
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 28/6/02
The Remote Part (b-sides)
Warnings/Promises (b-sides)
Rockpalast, Koln, Germany - 16/2/05 (DVD)
Live at King Tuts, Scotland - Dec. '08

I am Jack
Tessellations (tracks 2004-2006)

The Juliana Theory
The Juliana Theory Is Dead (non-album tracks 1998-2005)

Jim Moray
This Is The Sound (B-Sides, Rarities and Non-Album Tracks 2003-11) (2CD) DETAIL

JASON (Joey January)
Demos Vol.1
Demos Vol.2
Demos Vol.3

Justin Currie (Del Amitri)
Live at The Triple Door, Seattle, USA - 13/5/08 (2CD)

John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Shadows Collide With People (acoustic)
From The Sounds Inside (internet album)

Kinky Machine (Rialto)
B-Sides 1992-1995

Demos 2001-2002
Live in London: Astoria + Villiers Theatre - 5/2/04
Live from the London Basement, London, UK - 29/2/04
Live at the University of London Union, London, UK - 9/3/04
Lamacq Live: Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 5/4/04
Live in Berlin, Germany - 19/5/04
The KCRW Sessions: Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, USA - 11/11/03 + 2/4/04
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK -26/6/04
Berbati's Pan, Portland, USA - 8/9/04
Live in Cologne, Germany - 16/5/06
Under The Iron Sea (demos)
Making 'Under The Iron Sea' (iTunes Podcast)
LIVE 06 : Hull Arena, Hull, UK - 17/10/06 (2CD) (official bootleg)
Perfect Symmetry (demos)
Hopes and B-Sides (b-sides/non-album tracks 2003-2009) (2CD)

Lemonheads, The
Live at the Astoria, London,UK - 1996

Libido (Magnet)
Choking - The B-Sides DETAIL

B-Sides 1995-99 (2CD) DETAIL

Loudon Wainwright III
'Landmark on Main Street' Port Washington, New York, USA - 1st Oct. 2016 DETAIL

Public Affection: Death of a Dictionary
Mental Jewelry (B-Sides)
The Academy, New York, USA - 19th Nov. '94
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, USA - 2nd Feb. '95 (CD/DVD) DETAIL
Throwing Copper (B-Sides)
Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia - 8th May 1997
The Churchbox Sessions: Churchbox Studio, Columbia, PA, USA - Winter 1996 DETAIL
Live Samadhi - 1997 DETAIL
Secret Samadhi (B-Sides)
Dance With Pink Pop: Live at the Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands - 12th June '00
The Distance To Here (B-Sides)
B-Sides 2001-2003
Unreleased and Rarities 1994-2006 (2CD)
Rockpalast: Live at the Palladium, Koln, Germany - 9th April '06 (DVD)
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2004-08

Legendary Hearts. The
Demos and Singles 2006-10 DETAIL

Mutton Birds, The
Along the Boundary (B-Sides, Rarities and Non-Album Tracks 1992-99) (3CD) DETAIL

Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion)
I'm All Talk... (Non-Album tracks 1999-2012) DETAIL

Mull Historical Society (Colin MacIntyre)
The 'Us' B-Sides DETAIL

Morrissey (The Smiths)
Happy Xmas: Astoria, London, UK - 20/12/92
Live at Wembley, London, UK - 1995
Loves Young Dream: B-Sides 1988-97 (tracks not on 'Bona Drag'/'World Of Morrissey') (3CD)
Live at the Beacon, New York, USA - 29/2/00
Importance of Being Morrissey (2002 Documentary) (DVD)
Psychologically of Course...2004 (Zane Lowe 19th May,  Glastonbury 27th June,  Jools Holland 21st May)
Salford Lad: The Morrissey Story (BBC Radio 2 - May 2007) (2CD) DETAIL
Loves Young Dream II: B-Sides 2004-11 (tracks not on 'Swords') (3CD) DETAIL

Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)
Almost Acoustic

Mike Garrigan (Collapsis)
The Corner Room Sessions: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - April/Sept. 2003 DETAIL
Voyage of the Malamander: CD release shows - Sept. 2010 DETAIL
No Kid Hungry live charity show @StageIt.com - 15th Nov. 2013 DETAIL
Make-a-Wish Foundation live charity show @ StageIt.com - 6th July 2014 DETAIL
Gravity Affects Me (EP) 10th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 6th Sept. 2014 DETAIL
Building a Hole 20th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 1st Nov. 2014 DETAIL
Best of StageIt.com : 2013-14 DETAIL
Winter Songs @ StageIt.com - 10th Jan. 2015 DETAIL
Collapsis: Dirty Wake 15th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 14th Feb. 2015 DETAIL
The Return of Spring @ StageIt.com - 14th March 2015 DETAIL
About Face live charity show @ StageIt.com - 11th April 2015 DETAIL
The Promise of Summer; Backyard BBQ @ StageIt.com - 13th June 2015 DETAIL
Return of the Salamander @ StageIt.com - 8th August 2015 DETAIL

Michael Jackson
The BAD Tour: Live in Yokohama, Japan - 26/9/87 (2CD)

Manic Street Preachers
Visions of Dead Desires (b-sides/non-album tracks 1989-92, tracks not on 'Lipstick Traces') DETAIL
Gold Against The Soul (b-sides)
The Holy Bible (b-sides)
Everything Must Go (b-sides)
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (b-sides/non-album tracks 1998-2000)
Know Your Enemy (b-sides/non-album tracks 2001-2003) (2CD)
Lifeblood (b-sides/non-album tracks 2004-2005)
Send Away The Tigers (b-sides)

Peel Sessions 1997-1998

Miracle Legion (Mark Mulcahy)
Simple Things: a Collection of B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 1984-92 DETAIL

B-Sides 1997-2003 (2CD)
Don't Have Nightmares (mew and the glass handed kites b-sides) (2CD)

Motion In Colour (Adam Barnes)

The Milling Gowns
Flophouse Sessions #51 14/4/07

My Life Story
More Theologies: B-Sides & Rarities 1986-2000 (tracks not on 'Megaphone Theology') DETAIL

Neil Young
Westwood One Superstar Concert Series, Show #90-14 - Acoustic European Tour - Dec. 1989 DETAIL
Don't Be Denied (BBC Four Documentary) - Oct. 2008 (DVD)
Trunk Show (Recorded during 'Chrome Dreams II' tour - 2008) - March 2010 (DVD)
Hometown (Coronation Hall, Omemee, Ontario, Canada) - Dec. 2017 (DVD) DETAIL

New Rhodes
London Calling: Paradiso, Amsterdam - 30/4/05
Songs From the Past....2002-09

New Adventures (Fans of Kate/Peter Panic and the Pixie)
Hold Your Breath Until Next Week (songs collected 2004-09) Inc. Fans Of Kate DETAIL

Nut (Billy Rain/Cat Goscovitch)
'Billy Rain' + 'Nut' B-Sides DETAIL

Definitely Maybe (b-sides)
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (b-sides)
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, USA -23/8/96
Be Here Now (b-sides)
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (b-sides)
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (demos)
Heathen Chemistry (b-sides)
Don't Believe The Truth (b-sides)

Omerta (The Slow Readers Club)
Aim High, Build Empires (2004-06) DETAIL

Our Lost Infantry
Vessels 2010-14 DETAIL

Ocean Colour Scene
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 24th June 2000 DETAIL

Organ, The
Festival de la Route du Rock, Saint-Malo, France - 13/8/05
L'abordage, Evreux, France - 11th Nov. 2005

Presidents of the United States of America, The
Live at the Studio, Stockholm - 26/3/96

Peter Gabriel
Don't Give Up: Live in 1987
All About Us (DVD)
Live at Mayermoore Park, North America 2001 (womad)
In Conversation: The Saturday Show, BBC Radio2, UK - 2002
Games Without Frontiers: BBC Radio2 Documentary (2CD)
Remixed (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.I (b-sides/non-album tracks 1976-1990) (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.II (b-sides/non-album tracks 1992-1996) (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.III (b-sides/non-album tracks 1997-2004) (2CD)

Phil McMinn (Fell City Girl/The Winchell Riots)
Histories 2005-2011 (2CD) DETAIL

Phil Collins
B-Sides Required : 1981-2010 (3CD) DETAIL

Palace Fires (Gene)
Sunkissed Skies (B-sides and Rarities 2006-08) DETAIL

Phil Cool
Cool It (DVD)
Cool It Too (DVD)
Cool 'N' Hot (DVD)
Cool Head (DVD)
How To Cheat At Fishing (DVD)
Classic Cool (DVD)

Power Of Dreams
2 Hell With B-Sides (Non-album 1992-94) DETAIL

Telekenisis (rare tracks compilation 1992-2000)

Pearl Jam
The Complete Fan Club Singles Collection 1991-2003 (2CD)

Placebo (b-sides) (from debut album)
Burger Queens (Without You I'm Nothing + Black Market Music: b-sides)
Sleeping With Ghosts (b-sides/non-album tracks)
Meds (b-sides/non-album tracks)
Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands - 31st May 2009 (DVD)

Live at South Park, Headington, Oxford, UK - 7th August '01 (2CD)
B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1993-2001 (Not on 2009 Collector's Edition's) (2CD)
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 28th June 2003 (2CD)

Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)
M-Theory Music, San Diego, CA, USA - 13/8/05
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 89.9 KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, USA - 19/9/05
Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, USA - 6/10/05
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 7/10/05
Live at Anderson's, Scottsdale, AZ, USA - 26/1/06
KEXP Sessions 2006: KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle, USA - 19th Jan. & 22nd August
Live at the Crocodile, Seattle, USA - 19th Jan. 2006 (DVD) DETAIL
The Rhapsody Interview - 23rd June 2006 + Rolling Stone Original EP - 25th July 2006 DETAIL
Woxy.com: Lounge Act Performance, USA  - 16/8/06
The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, USA - 22/8/06 (2CD)
The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, USA - 22/8/06 (DVD)

Robert Stevenson (A Silent Film)
All Good Things 2018 (March 2018) DETAIL

Red Box
Live at the Fabryka Trzciny Artistic Centre, Warsaw, Poland - 2nd April '11 (DVD) DETAIL
Go Internationale! : B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1983-2012 (tracks not on CD reissues) (2CD) DETAIL

R. Dean Taylor
I Think, Therefore I Am (Original Album + Singles/B-sides/Rarities) DETAIL
L.A. Sunset (Vinyl Rip) DETAIL

Rialto (b-sides) (from debut album)

Permanent Shade of Blue [LRS Remastered 2018] (2CD) DETAIL

Richard Hawley
ColdNights; White Session, Studio 105, Maison De La Radio, Paris, France - 17th Feb. 2003
/ Website Series Downloads - 2003
Some Candy Talk (b-sides/non-album tracks 2001-2006)
Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham, UK - 8th Sept. 2012 (2CD)

B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1981-85 (2CD) DETAIL
B-Sides 1986-88
Live Monster; National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK - 30th July 1995 (2CD)
Unfettered: Live at the Royalty Theatre, London, UK 25/10/98 + Riverside Studios - 30/10/98
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, USA - 21/5/01 (2CD)

Sad Song Co. , The (Unbelievable Truth)
First Versions (demo compilation)
Live EP

Unreleased Dance Mixes (2CD)

Smiths, The
The Troy Tate Demos
Crushed Flowers: 'Rockpalast' Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 4th May 1984 (DVD)
Butterfly Collector: Live at De Meervaart Hall, Amsterdam,  Holland - 21/4/84
Better Live Than Dead: Apollo Theatre, Oxford, UK - 18/3/85
Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK  7/12/83 + 'From Start To Finish' Southbank Show '87 (DVD)
The Rest of The Smiths: B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 1983-92 (not inc. on 'Sound of The Smiths' Deluxe)

Seahorses, The
Live in '97: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 13/9/97 + Glastonbury Festival - 27/6/97
Do It Live: Live at the Newcastle Mayfair
The Unreleased Second Album
The B-Sides

Shed Seven
B-Sides 1994-1996 DETAIL
Stuffed: Promotional Videos and Live Appearances (1997)  + extra videos not on VHS (DVD)
B-Sides 1998-2003

Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent D'arby)
Non-Album Tracks 2002-03
Faith & Music (2004 Documentary) (DVD)

Live at the Astoria, London, UK - 27/3/99 / Asylum Studios, London, UK - 16/4/99

Seona Dancing (Ricky Gervais)
On My Side (vinyl/remix/b-sides compilation)

B-Sides 1986-1999

Sigur Ros
Spark7 Hall, Vienna, Austria - 16th Oct. 2002 (2CD) DETAIL
The B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1999-2006 (2CD) DETAIL
The Promotional Films (DVD)
Takk: Documentary + The Culture Show, BBC2 7/11/07 (DVD)

I Should Coco (b-sides)
In It For The Money (b-sides)
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 20/9/99

Spring Offensive
Between One and One-Nine-Four (2009-11) (CD) DETAIL
Between One and One-Nine-Four (2008-11) (DVD) DETAIL

Sp!n (Gene)
Demos 1992

Stephen Jones (Babybird)
Between My Ears There's Nothing But B-Sides (Babybird/Stephen Jones 2002-10)

Smashing Pumpkins, The
Reel Time Studio Sessions, Chicago, USA - 1989 DETAIL
Trippin' Through the Stars - Part II (1989-92) (tracks not on remastered box sets) (2CD) DETAIL
Mashed Potatoes (1993)  (LRS remastered version) (officially released tracks omitted) (4CD)
Lollipop Fun Time - Part II (1993-94) (tracks not on remastered box sets)
Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 25th August 1995 DETAIL
Botanique Gardens, Brussels, Belgium - 28th May 1998 (DVD) DETAIL
The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (Cassette Conversion) DETAIL
Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 18th Sept. 2000 (2CD) DETAIL
Graceful Swans of Never (Documentary 1988-2000) (DVD) DETAIL
Rock AM Ring: Nurburgring, Germany - 2nd June 2007 (DVD) DETAIL
If All Goes Wrong: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, USA - July 2007 (DVD Audio Rip) (3CD)
AOL Music Sessions: Beverly Hills, California, USA - 14th Sept. 2007 (DVD)
The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA - 21st Oct. 2007 (2DVD) DETAIL
Various TV Appearances 1993-2010 (DVD) DETAIL
Terminal 5, New York, USA - 26th July 2010 (DVD) DETAIL
Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico - 26th August 2010 (DVD) DETAIL
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 5th Oct. 2011 (2DVD) DETAIL
Rock in Rio Festival: Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, Portugal - 26th May 2012 (DVD) DETAIL

Soul Magician (Thirteen Senses)
Glow (Recordings 2001-02) DETAIL

Twilight Sad, The
Three Seconds of Dead Air (non-album tracks 2006-08) DETAIL

Tanya Donelly
Windham Hotel, Bellow Falls, Vermont, USA - 28th August 2004 (tracks not on 'This Hungry Life') DETAIL

Thirteen Senses
100 Club, London, UK - 10/3/04
Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK - 6/9/04
One Big Weekend - Birmingham, UK - 19/9/04
Live in Liverpool, UK - 4/10/04
Radio Sessions 2004 (2CD)
Radio Interviews 2004
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland - 29/4/05
Pink Pop Festival, Holland - 16/5/05
Live in Holland: Paradiso + Pinkpop (DVD)
T in the Park Festival, Balado, Scotland - 10/7/05
Radio Sessions 2005 (2CD)
Radio Interviews 2005
Control: The DVD (promotional videos, interviews, tv footage, live, 2004-2005) (DVD)
Late Gazes (B-Sides & Non-Album tracks 2004/05) (2CD)
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/10/06
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/11/06
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/12/06
Billy Sloan, 102.5 Clyde1 Session, Scotland - 25/3/07
Final Call (B-Sides & Non-Album tracks 2006/07)
Radio Sessions 2007
Control II: (promotional videos, interviews, studio, live 2006-2007) (DVD)
A Selection of Sessions... 2004-11
I Understand You Lately (B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks 2011-14) DETAIL

Down Under: Radio Performances + Interviews

Tears For Fears
In My Minds Eye: Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - Dec. 1983
Live in Manchester, UK - 1985
B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks 1981-92 (2CD)
B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks 1993-2006 DETAIL

Talk Talk
Talking Colours: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - 5/7/86

Terence Trent D'Arby (Sananda Maitreya)
Introducing The Hardline - Live (DVD)
Love, Peace & Tolerance: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway - 5th Nov. 1993 (2CD)
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 27th July 1995 DETAIL
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 27th July 1995 (DVD)
B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1987-2002 (2CD)

Third Eye Blind
Alone and Drowning (b-sides/rarities/non-album tracks 1997-2004) (2CD)

Tori Amos
From The Choirgirl Hotel (b-sides)
Scarlet's Walk (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 2001-02)
Non-Album Tracks 1999-2004

Tom Waits
San Diego Folk Festival, San Diego, USA - 19th April 1974 DETAIL

Upper Room, The
Means of Transport (Demos and Sessions 2003-06) DETAIL
Live and In Session (tiscali showcase '05/xfm session '06/dermot O'leary '06/northsound 1 '06) DETAIL
B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2003-06 DETAIL

Unbelievable Truth
From This Height: The 'Almost Here' B-Sides DETAIL
Live at NME Brat Awards, Astoria, London, UK - 23/1/98
The Black Sessions: Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, Paris - 27/4/98
Misc. Music 2 (Website Downloads, Sessions, Compilations, Rarities) (2CD)
On T.V. (promotional videos/live performances/TV appearances) (DVD)

Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 24th June 2011 (2CD) DETAIL

Vessels, The (Brinkman/Paul Cook & the Chronicles)
B-Sides 2002-03 DETAIL

Vic Reeves/Bob Mortimer (Comedy)
Vic Reeves Big Night Out: Pilot Episode,New Years Eve Special,Fan Club Video (1989-1992) (DVD) DETAIL
Vic Reeves Big Night Out on Tour (1991) (DVD)
The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer: Extras (omitted DVD footage from original videos) (1993) (DVD)
R&M Live: Tour 1694 PUCE (1994) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Pilot Episode+Series1+Xmas Special (1993-95) (3xDVD)
R&M's Driving School (1995) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series2+Xmas Special (1996) (2xDVD)
Shooting Stars: Unviewed and Nude (1996) (DVD)
Viz Top Tips with Reeves & Mortimer (1996) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Unpicked and Plucked (1997) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series3 (1997) (DVD)
It's Ulrika (1997) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series4 (2002) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series5 (2002) (2xDVD)
Vic Reeves' Rogues Gallery (2005) (2DVD)
Vic Reeves' House Arrest (2007) (3CD)
Shooting Stars: The Inside Story+Shooting Stars '08 (2008) (DVD)
Vic Reeves' Documentary Disc Vol.1: Who Do You Think You Are? (2004), Final Chance To Save Tapirs (2005),
-Dangerous Adventures For Boys (2008), Brilliant Britain (2009) (DVD)
Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights (2011) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series8 (2011) (2xDVD)

Recordings 2010-2012 [Golden Assembly EP, Sleepy House, Ocean Heart EP, BandCamp/MySpace] DETAIL

Winchell Riots, The (Fell City Girl/Phil McMinn)
A Thousand Figurines of You (2007-11) DETAIL

Zwan (The Smashing Pumpkins)
Cafe de la Danse, Paris, France - 8th Feb. 2003 DETAIL
Farewell Zwan: Live at the Nuke Festival, Austria - 13/6/03 (final show)

Bad Company (TV movie dramatisation about Carl Bridgewater) (May 1993) (2xDVD) DETAIL
Comics (Lynda La Plante dramatisation) (1993) (2xDVD) DETAIL
Disaster at Silo 7 (Intercontinental ballistic missile TV movie) (1988) (DVD) DETAIL
Dream Demon (Deleted British Horror) (1988) (DVD) DETAIL
Fred and Rose: The West Murders (ITV documentary) (2008) (DVD)
Hale & Pace: The Best Of (1988) (DVD)
First Cut: Dear Mr Brady/Ian Brady: Endgames of a Psychopath (C4 Moors Murders documentaries) (2012) (DVD)
Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper (ITV Peter Sutcliffe documentary) (1999) (DVD)
Reverend Death (Jon Ronson documentary about assisted suicide activist George Exoo) (2008) (DVD) DETAIL
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