L e W i S s L a D e . c O m / T r A d I n G

50ft Monster (Catherine Wheel)
Demos and Non-Album tracks (2003-09) DETAIL


Tracks (2000-05) DETAIL

Amber Run
Non-Album Tracks 2014-15

Amityville (Geneva)
Lazy Son (Demos, Download singles, Pacific Radio Fire EP compilation 2004-05) DETAIL

Andy Yorke (Unbelievable Truth)
Live at the Zodiac, Oxford, UK -  21st Oct. '05 (Debut solo show, audience recording) DETAIL
Greenbelt Festival: Cheltenham Racecourse, Prestbury, UK - 25th August '08 (DVD) DETAIL
Roses (B-Sides, Sessions, Demos 2006-08) DETAIL

Keeping Count: Songs 2003-07 DETAIL

Angels & Airwaves
Safe from Light (B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2006-10) DETAIL

Antony and the Johnsons
Territorios Festival, Seville, Spain - 26th May '05 DETAIL
Live at LSO St. Luke's (BBC4 Sessions), London, UK - 22nd Nov. '05 (CD/DVD) DETAIL
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2001-06 DETAIL
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2007-09 DETAIL

Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)
Collected Recordings 1996-2005 DETAIL
Collected Recordings 2006-07 (2CD) DETAIL
Collected Recordings 2008-10 DETAIL

Archive Hour, The (BBC Radio4)
The 1968 My Lai Tapes - BBC Radio documentary about the Vietnam War mass murders, broadcast 15th March '08

Avril Lavigne
Let Go - Demos DETAIL


King Bing's B-Sides (1995-1997) (2CD)
A Hearse Without Wheels: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1998-99
Live at Cambridge Junction, UK - 27th Sept. '98 DETAIL
Bugged (b-sides)
Between My Ears There's Nothing But B-Sides (Babybird/Stephen Jones 2002-10)

Beatles, The
The Christmas Records 1963-69 DETAIL

Belarus (Matthew Kilford)
Digging Holes in the Snow (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2003-06) DETAIL

Beloved, The
The Unreleased 1987 Album + Demos DETAIL

Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie)
A Very Milky Christmas: Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, USA - 14th Dec. '02 DETAIL
9.30 Club, Washington DC, USA - 10th May '07 DETAIL

Bic Runga
Morning Becomes Eclectic: KCRW, Santa Monica, USA - 25th Oct. '02 DETAIL

Billy Rain (Cat Goscovitch/Nut)
'Billy Rain' and 'Nut' B-Sides 1994-96 DETAIL

B-Sides 1993-97 DETAIL
B-Sides 1997-2007 DETAIL

BlackCar (Headswim/Dan Glendining)
One Moment of Purity (Demos/Session/Outtake) DETAIL
Live at the 12 Bar Club, London, UK - 28th Sept. '09 (DVD) DETAIL

Black Nielson (Co-Pilgrim)
The B-Sides 2001-05 DETAIL

Blue Jam (Chris Morris)
Series 1, Episode 1 (14th Nov. '97) DETAIL

Bluetones, The
Expecting To Fly (B-Sides) DETAIL
Return to the Last Chance Saloon (B-Sides) DETAIL
Live at the Mayfair, Newcastle, UK - 14th May '98
Science and Nature (B-Sides)
Luxembourg (B-Sides) DETAIL

Boy Kill Boy (Chris Peck)
Civilian (B-Sides) (2CD)
Stars and the Sea (B-Sides)

Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies)
Crash Test Dude: The Brad Roberts Rockumentary (VHS to DVD conversion) DETAIL

Brinkman (Paul Cook)
What's It All About? (Recordings 2004-07) DETAIL

British Sea Power
London Calling: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 15th March '02 DETAIL
Brilliantine Mortality (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2001-04) (2CD) DETAIL
How Animals Work (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2005) DETAIL
Motorway Exit Gates (Live/Radio sessions 2002-05) DETAIL
Boys from the Hitler Youth (B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 2007-10) (2CD) DETAIL
Valhalla Dancehall - B-Side/Non-Album tracks (2011-12) DETAIL

Budapest (John Garrison)
Saccharin (EP's and B-Sides 1997-2001) DETAIL
Demos 1999-2002 DETAIL
Abdicate Sessions/Demos 2002 DETAIL
Demos 2003 DETAIL
Demos 2004 DETAIL
Demos 2005 DETAIL
Live 2002-05 DETAIL
Demos 2006 DETAIL

Bizarre Festival: Koln, Germany - 16th Aug. '97 (DVD) DETAIL
Alleys and Motorways (DVD)
Edits/Remixes 1995-2000 (2CD)
B-Sides 1995-2001 DETAIL
Live Recordings 1994-2002 (Official B-Sides/Non-Album tracks) (2CD) DETAIL


The B-Sides 1993-2001 (2CD)

Collapsis (Mike Garrigan)
Dirty Wake 15th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 14th Feb. 2015 DETAIL

Catherine Wheel
After Dark Club, Reading, UK - 28/3/92
Live in Madrid - 15/10/92
Fermented: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1991-92 (3CD)
Live at Slims, San Francisco, USA - 25/10/93
Peabodys, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 13th Dec. 1993
Chrome Protection: B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1993-94 [Not on 'Like Cats and Dogs'] (2CD) DETAIL
Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht, Netherlands - 9th July 1995 DETAIL
Live in Stoke, UK - 17/7/95
Westwood One Radioshow, Slim's, San Francisco, USA - 9/8/95
1995 Sessions: Cat's Paw Studios,  Atlanta, USA - 9th May / Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1, London, UK - 12th July
/ Just Passin' Thru', 99.1 HFS, Omega Studios, Rockville, USA - 1st Sept.
Live at The Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 9/11/95 (acoustic)
Live in Boston, USA - 19/5/97
Live in San Francisco, USA - 25/8/97 (2CD)
TV Compilation 1993-1997 (120 minutes/much music/conen o'brian/mtv/musique plus) (DVD)
Live in New York, Bowery Ballroom, USA - 14/4/00 (2CD)
Live at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 11/7/00 (2CD)
Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 11th July 2000 (DVD) DETAIL
The Videos 1991-2000 (DVD) DETAIL

Connells, The
Darker Days + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at The Brewery, Raleigh, NC,  USA - 2nd Dec. 1985
Boylan Heights + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Fun & Games - Demos
Fun & Games + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the Cotton Club, Atlanta, USA - 11th March 1989 (2CD)
One Simple Word (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the 1313 Club, Charlotte, NC, USA - 16th Feb. 1991 (2CD)
Live at the Washington and Lee University, Lexington, USA - 5th August 1992 (2CD)
Live at the Vic Theatre, Chicago, USA - 20th Oct. 1993
Rockpalast: Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany - 25th March 1995 + Promotional Videos (DVD)
Live at Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany - 26th March 1995
Ring + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016) (2CD)
Weird Food & Devastation + Bonus Tracks (LRS Remastered 2016)
Live at the 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia, USA - 1997
American Music Festival: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA - 5th Sept. 1998 (2CD)
Strange Little Arrangement (interviews/live/promotional videos) (DVD)
Live at the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, USA - 14th Dec. 2001 (2CD)
Not So Bad At All (b-sides/non-album tracks 1984-2003) (2CD)
The Connells Cover Tape - Deluxe Edition (live performances) (2CD) DETAIL
The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, USA - 6th Oct. 2005
The Pour House Music Hall, Raleigh, USA - 22nd Dec. 2006 (2CD)
The Midtown Festival of the Arts, Atlanta, GA, USA - 25th Sept. 2010 (2CD)

Cat Stevens
KCET Studios, Los Angeles, USA - 8/6/71
Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo - 22/6/74

Cat Goscovitch (Billy Rain/Nut)
'Billy Rain + Nut' B-Sides 1994-96 DETAIL

Crash Test Dummies
Symptomology of a Rock Band: The Case of Crash Test Dummies (VHS to DVD conversion) DETAIL
Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 26th October 1994 DETAIL
'Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour' Kentucky Theater, Lexington, USA - 2003
A Collection of Rarities and B-Sides 1988-2004

Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie)
Songs Collected 1994-2005 (includes Martin Youth Auxiliary)

Cranberries, The
Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We? + Non-Album Tracks (LRS Remastered 2017) DETAIL
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, USA - 14/2/95
LIVE: MTV Unplugged - 14/2/95 & VH1 Hard Rock Live - 22/8/99 (DVD)

Counting Crows
Flying Demos - 1991 DETAIL
Live at the Luxor Club, Cologne, Germany - 15th April '94 (DVD) DETAIL
Live at the Shim-Sham Club, New Orleans, USA - 29/4/01 (2CD)
Pinkpop Festival: Landgraaf, Netherlands - 1/6/08 (DVD)
Falling Over You (is the News of the Day) (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1994-2010) (4CD)

Chris Rea
Live! 1980-83 ('Tennis' and 'Water Sign' Tours) DETAIL
'Beat-Club' Bremen, Germany - '83 (DVD) DETAIL
Water Sign (LRS Remastered 2015 + Bonus) DETAIL
Wired to the Moon (LRS Remastered 2014 + Bonus) DETAIL
Don't Look Back: The B-Sides 1978-85 DETAIL
Live at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia - 3rd Oct.'87 (2CD) DETAIL
True To You: The B-Sides 1986-91 DETAIL
Don't Turn Away: The B-Sides 1992-94 DETAIL

D :

Depeche Mode
Demos 1984-1989
Devotional - Barcelona/Frankfurt 1993 (DVD audio rip) (2CD)
Exciter - The Remix Album
B-Sides 81>11 (4CD)
Exciter: Dominatrix Remix 2015 DETAIL

Del Amitri
Waking Hours (b-sides)
Glastonbury, Pilton, Somerset - 23rd June 1990
Change Everything (b-sides)
Twisted (b-sides)
Hatful of Rain: A Closer Look at Del Amitri (Justin Currie and Iain Harvie discussing the band)

Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook)
Those Other Tracks (1988-2010) DETAIL

Damnwells. The
Lost Complaints (ep's, b-sides & non-album tracks 2002-07) (2CD)
Demos 2002-08 (2CD)
Golden Days 'Virtual Soundtrack' (taken from DVD)

David Gray
Live in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA - 2001

David Lynch
Hotel Room (1993) (DVD)
Original Music from the Films and Works of David Lynch (2CD)

David Kitt
The B-Sides 2001-2004
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 27th Nov. 2004

Dan Glendining (Headswim/BlackCar)
Live 2006

Delta Tapes (Sub Sub)

Death Cab for Cutie
B-Sides 1999-2001
El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA - 1st March 2002
The Photo Album (b-sides)
Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 31st Oct. 2003 (2CD)
Transatlanticism (b-sides)
iTunes Originals
9:30 Club, Washington, D.C., USA - 24th Oct. 2005 (2CD) DETAIL
KEXP 90.3 FM - Sessions 2002-2005 DETAIL
A Series Of Blurs (b-sides/rarities/non-album 1999-2007) (3CD)

Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries)
Non-Album Tracks 1994-2009

The 815 L Street Club, Sacramento, California, USA - 26th Feb. 2000 DETAIL

B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1997-2002

B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1995-2000 (2CD) DETAIL


The Good Will Out (b-sides)
Live at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK - 27/10/97 + Maida Vale Studios - 23/7/98
Drawn From Memory (b-sides)
If You've Never Been (B-Sides)
Out Of Nothing (b-sides)
This New Day (b-sides) (2CD)
Promotional Videos 1997-2006 (2DVD)

B-Sides 1985-88 (Wonderland, The Circus, The Innocents) DETAIL
B-Sides 1989-91 (Wild!, Chorus) DETAIL
B-Sides 1994-97 (I Say I Say I Say, Erasure, Cowboy) DETAIL
Markymix - Incomprehensibly Beautiful
Markymix - Hyperdub
B-Sides 2000-06 (Loveboat, Other People's Songs, Nightbird, Union Street)

B-Sides from the Back Room (2005-06) (2CD) DETAIL
An End Has A Start (b-sides)
Glastonbury - 23rd June 2007 (DVD)

Electric Six
Evil Generation (b-sides & more 2002-2006)

Envy & Other Sins
Prodigal Sons: B-Sides and Demos 2005-08 DETAIL


Alternate Endings II (2005-2009) (2CD)
The Videos 2005-09 (DVD)

Fine Young Cannibals (Roland Gift)
Live at The Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA - 10/89 (DVD)
The Videos (DVD)


Festival des Inrockuptibles, La Cigale, Paris - 3/11/94 (Black Sessions)
If The Dress Fits: Live Compilation 1994/95
Club Gino, Stockholm, Sweden - 25th Jan. 1995
You Died Tonight - USA Tour, May '96 DETAIL
You Winsome Devils: Bristol Colston Hall, Bristol, UK - 16/4/95
Erotika, Paris - 24/4/95
The Institute, Birmingham, UK - 25/5/95
Stars in Their Eyes: Live Electric/Acoustic Compilation 1995/96
Astoria, London, UK - 13th Nov. 1996 DETAIL
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK - 1st March 1997 DETAIL
Live at the Irving Plaza, New York, USA - 20/5/97
Live at the Zodiac, Oxford, UK - 27/10/97
Live at the Forum, London, UK - 26/3/99
Sugar Mill, Stoke, UK - 25/8/99
Live at the Mercury Lounge, New York, USA - 10/7/00
Maida Vale 4, London, UK - 19th Sept. 2001
Promotional Videos 1994-2001 (DVD) DETAIL
Live at Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, Arizona, USA - 7/9/02
Club Spaceland, LA, USA - 9/9/02
Live at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, USA - 17/9/02 (2CD)
Live at the Astoria, London, UK - 28/9/02
Farewell Manchester: Academy 2, Manchester, UK - 14th December 2004 (2CD)
Lost in the Fog 1993-2004 (3CD) DETAIL

Geneva (Amityville)
Further (b-sides) DETAIL
Weather Underground (b-sides)

Ghosts (Polanski)
Polanski Died on the Way to the Gig (B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2005-07) DETAIL

Gin Blossoms
Demos and Rough Mixes

Little Things Called Fear (b-sides 2006-08)

The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia - August 2010 (with Toby Martin on Vocals) DETAIL

Goldrush (Whispering bob/The Dreaming Spires)
B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2001-04

Guy Chadwick (The House of Love)
Black Sessions: Studio 104, Maison de Radio France, Paris - 26/1/98 + B-Sides
Lazy, Soft & Live: Black Session - Jan. 1998 / VH-1 Session - Feb. 1998 / This Strength - Video (DVD)


House of Love, The
'The Butterfly Album' B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1989-90 DETAIL
KCRW 89.9 'Snap Session', Santa Monica, California, USA - 15th Feb. 1990 DETAIL
'Babe Rainbow' B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1991-93 DETAIL
Promotional Videos and TV Appearances 1988-92 (DVD) DETAIL
Days Run Away (b-sides)

London Bridge Studio, Seattle, Washington, USA - 13th Feb. 1997 (DVD)
Troubled Minds - B-Sides/Non-Album/Rarities 1994-2000 (3CD)

B-Sides 2004-05 DETAIL

Hello Strangers, The (Mark Mulcahy/Miracle Legion)
Goodbye (remastered from vinyl) DETAIL

Huey Lewis and The News
1980-2003 (2CD)

Hope Is Important (b-sides)
100 Broken Windows (b-sides)
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 3/4/00
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland - 30/5/02
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 28/6/02
The Remote Part (b-sides)
Warnings/Promises (b-sides)
Rockpalast, Koln, Germany - 16/2/05 (DVD)
Live at King Tuts, Scotland - Dec. '08

I am Jack
Tessellations (tracks 2004-2006)

The Juliana Theory
The Juliana Theory Is Dead (non-album tracks 1998-2005)

Jim Moray
This Is The Sound (B-Sides, Rarities and Non-Album Tracks 2003-11) (2CD) DETAIL

JASON (Joey January)
Demos Vol.1
Demos Vol.2
Demos Vol.3

Justin Currie (Del Amitri)
Live at The Triple Door, Seattle, USA - 13/5/08 (2CD)

John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Shadows Collide With People (acoustic)
From The Sounds Inside (internet album)

Kinky Machine (Rialto)
B-Sides 1992-1995

Demos 2001-2002
Live in London: Astoria + Villiers Theatre - 5/2/04
Live from the London Basement, London, UK - 29/2/04
Live at the University of London Union, London, UK - 9/3/04
Lamacq Live: Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 5/4/04
Live in Berlin, Germany - 19/5/04
The KCRW Sessions: Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, USA - 11/11/03 + 2/4/04
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK -26/6/04
Berbati's Pan, Portland, USA - 8/9/04
Live in Cologne, Germany - 16/5/06
Under The Iron Sea (demos)
Making 'Under The Iron Sea' (iTunes Podcast)
LIVE 06 : Hull Arena, Hull, UK - 17/10/06 (2CD) (official bootleg)
Perfect Symmetry (demos)
Hopes and B-Sides (b-sides/non-album tracks 2003-2009) (2CD)

Lemonheads, The
Live at the Astoria, London,UK - 1996

Libido (Magnet)
Choking: The B-Sides DETAIL

B-Sides 1995-99 (2CD) DETAIL

Public Affection: Death of a Dictionary
Mental Jewelry (B-Sides)
The Academy, New York, USA - 19th Nov. '94
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, USA - 2nd Feb. '95 (CD/DVD) DETAIL
Throwing Copper (B-Sides)
Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia - 8th May 1997
The Churchbox Sessions: Churchbox Studio, Columbia, PA, USA - Winter 1996 DETAIL
Live Samadhi - 1997 DETAIL
Secret Samadhi (B-Sides)
Dance With Pink Pop: Live at the Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands - 12th June '00
The Distance To Here (B-Sides)
B-Sides 2001-2003
Unreleased and Rarities 1994-2006 (2CD)
Rockpalast: Live at the Palladium, Koln, Germany - 9th April '06 (DVD)
B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 2004-08

Legendary Hearts. The
Demos and Singles 2006-10 DETAIL

Mutton Birds, The
Along the Boundary (B-Sides, Rarities and Non-Album Tracks 1992-99) (3CD) DETAIL

Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion)
I'm All Talk... (Non-Album tracks 1999-2012) DETAIL

Mull Historical Society (Colin MacIntyre)
The 'Us' B-Sides DETAIL

Morrissey (The Smiths)
Happy Xmas: Astoria, London, UK - 20/12/92
Live at Wembley, London, UK - 1995
Loves Young Dream: B-Sides 1988-97 (tracks not on 'Bona Drag'/'World Of Morrissey') (3CD)
Live at the Beacon, New York, USA - 29/2/00
Importance of Being Morrissey (2002 documentary) (DVD)
Psychologically Of Course... (Zane Lowe 19/5/04 + Glastonbury 27/6/04 + Jools Holland 21/5/04)
Salford Lad: The Morrissey Story (BBC Radio2) (2CD)
Loves Young Dream II: B-Sides 2004-11 (tracks not on 'Swords') (3CD)

Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)
Almost Acoustic

Mike Garrigan (Collapsis)
The Corner Room Sessions: Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - April/Sept. 2003 DETAIL
Voyage of the Malamander: CD release shows - Sept. 2010 DETAIL
No Kid Hungry live charity show @StageIt.com - 15th Nov. 2013 DETAIL
Make-a-Wish Foundation live charity show @ StageIt.com - 6th July 2014 DETAIL
Gravity Affects Me (EP) 10th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 6th Sept. 2014 DETAIL
Building a Hole 20th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 1st Nov. 2014 DETAIL
Best of StageIt.com : 2013-14 DETAIL
Winter Songs @ StageIt.com - 10th Jan. 2015 DETAIL
Collapsis: Dirty Wake 15th anniversary show @ StageIt.com - 14th Feb. 2015 DETAIL
The Return of Spring @ StageIt.com - 14th March 2015 DETAIL
About Face live charity show @ StageIt.com - 11th April 2015 DETAIL
The Promise of Summer; Backyard BBQ @ StageIt.com - 13th June 2015 DETAIL
Return of the Salamander @ StageIt.com - 8th August 2015 DETAIL

Michael Jackson
The BAD Tour: Live in Yokohama, Japan - 26/9/87 (2CD)

Manic Street Preachers
Visions of Dead Desires (b-sides/non-album tracks 1989-92, tracks not on 'Lipstick Traces') DETAIL
Gold Against The Soul (b-sides)
The Holy Bible (b-sides)
Everything Must Go (b-sides)
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (b-sides/non-album tracks 1998-2000)
Know Your Enemy (b-sides/non-album tracks 2001-2003) (2CD)
Lifeblood (b-sides/non-album tracks 2004-2005)
Send Away The Tigers (b-sides)

Peel Sessions 1997-1998

Miracle Legion (Mark Mulcahy)
Simple Things: a Collection of B-Sides and Non-Album tracks 1984-92 DETAIL

B-Sides 1997-2003 (2CD)
Don't Have Nightmares (mew and the glass handed kites b-sides) (2CD)

Motion In Colour (Adam Barnes)

The Milling Gowns
Flophouse Sessions #51 14/4/07

My Life Story
More Theologies: B-Sides & Rarities 1986-2000 (tracks not on 'Megaphone Theology') DETAIL

New Rhodes
London Calling: Paradiso, Amsterdam - 30/4/05
Songs From the Past....2002-09

New Adventures (Fans of Kate/Peter Panic and the Pixie)
Hold Your Breath Until Next Week (songs collected 2004-09) Inc. Fans Of Kate DETAIL

Nut (Billy Rain/Cat Goscovitch)
'Billy Rain' + 'Nut' B-Sides DETAIL

Definitely Maybe (b-sides)
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (b-sides)
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, USA -23/8/96
Be Here Now (b-sides)
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (b-sides)
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants (demos)
Heathen Chemistry (b-sides)
Don't Believe The Truth (b-sides)

Aim High, Build Empires (songs 2004-2006)

Our Lost Infantry
Vessels 2010-14 DETAIL

Ocean Colour Scene
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 2000

The Organ
Festival de la Route du Rock, Saint-Malo, France - 13/8/05
L'Abordage, Evreux, France - 11/11/05

Presidents of the United States of America, The
Live at the Studio, Stockholm - 26/3/96

Peter Gabriel
Don't Give Up: Live in 1987
All About Us (DVD)
Live at Mayermoore Park, North America 2001 (womad)
In Conversation: The Saturday Show, BBC Radio2, UK - 2002
Games Without Frontiers: BBC Radio2 Documentary (2CD)
Remixed (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.I (b-sides/non-album tracks 1976-1990) (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.II (b-sides/non-album tracks 1992-1996) (2CD)
Complete Gabriel: Vol.III (b-sides/non-album tracks 1997-2004) (2CD)

Phil McMinn (Fell City Girl/The Winchell Riots)
Histories 2005-2011 (2CD) DETAIL

Phil Collins
B-Sides Required : 1981-2010 (3CD) DETAIL

Palace Fires (Gene)
Sunkissed Skies (b-sides/rarities 2006-08)

Phil Cool
Cool It (DVD)
Cool It Too (DVD)
Cool 'N' Hot (DVD)
Cool Head (DVD)
How To Cheat At Fishing (DVD)
Classic Cool (DVD)

Power Of Dreams
Pieces Of God (b-sides/non-album tracks compilation 1989-1994) (2CD)

Telekenisis (rare tracks compilation 1992-2000)

Pearl Jam
The Complete Fan Club Singles Collection 1991-2003 (2CD)

Placebo (b-sides) (from debut album)
Burger Queens (Without You I'm Nothing + Black Market Music: b-sides)
Sleeping With Ghosts (b-sides/non-album tracks)
Meds (b-sides/non-album tracks)
Live at 'Pinkpop Festival', Langraaf, Holland - 31/5/09 (DVD)
Live at 'Area 4 Festival', Ludinghausen, Germany - 20/8/10 (DVD)

Live at South Park, Headington, Oxford, UK - 7th August '01 (2CD)
B-Sides + Non-Album Tracks 1993-2001 (tracks not on collector's edition's) (2CD)
Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 28th June 2003 (2CD)

Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)
M-Theory Music, San Diego, CA, USA - 13/8/05
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 89.9 KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, USA - 19/9/05
Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ, USA - 6/10/05
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 7/10/05
Live at Anderson's, Scottsdale, AZ, USA - 26/1/06
KEXP Sessions 2006: KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle, USA - 19th Jan. & 22nd August
Live at the Crocodile, Seattle, USA - 19th Jan. 2006 (DVD) DETAIL
The Rhapsody Interview - 23rd June 2006 + Rolling Stone Original EP - 25th July 2006 DETAIL
Woxy.com: Lounge Act Performance, USA  - 16/8/06
The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, USA - 22/8/06 (2CD)
The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, USA - 22/8/06 (DVD)

Red Box
Live at the Fabryka Trzciny Artistic Centre, Warsaw, Poland - 2nd April '11 (DVD) DETAIL
Go Internationale! : B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1983-2012 (tracks not on CD reissues) (2CD) DETAIL

R. Dean Taylor
I Think, Therefore I Am (original album + singles/b-sides/rarities)
L.A. Sunset (Vinyl Rip)

Rialto (b-sides) (from debut album)

Richard Hawley
White Sessions: Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, Paris - 17/2/03 + Download Series 2003
Some Candy Talk (b-sides/non-album tracks 2001-2006)
Live at Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham, UK - 8th Sept. '12 (2CD)

B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1981-85 (2CD)
B-Sides 1986-88
Live Monster; National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK - 30th July '95 (2CD)
Unfettered: Live at the Royalty Theatre, London, UK 25/10/98 + Riverside Studios - 30/10/98
MTV Unplugged: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, USA - 21/5/01 (2CD)

Sad Song Co. , The (Unbelievable Truth)
First Versions (demo compilation)
Live EP

Unreleased Dance Mixes (2CD)

Smiths, The
The Troy Tate Demos
Crushed Flowers: 'Rockpalast' Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 4th May 1984 (DVD)
Butterfly Collector: Live at De Meervaart Hall, Amsterdam,  Holland - 21/4/84
Better Live Than Dead: Apollo Theatre, Oxford, UK - 18/3/85
Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK  7/12/83 + 'From Start To Finish' Southbank Show '87 (DVD)
The Rest of The Smiths: B-Sides/Non-Album tracks 1983-92 (not inc. on 'Sound of The Smiths' Deluxe)

Seahorses, The
Live in '97: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 13/9/97 + Glastonbury Festival - 27/6/97
Do It Live: Live at the Newcastle Mayfair
The Unreleased Second Album
The B-Sides

Shed Seven
B-Sides 1994-1996 DETAIL
Stuffed: Promotional Videos and Live Appearances (1997)  + extra videos not on VHS (DVD)
Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK - 18/5/98
B-Sides 1998-2003

Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent D'arby)
Non-Album Tracks 2002-03
Faith & Music (2004 Documentary) (DVD)
Angels & Vampires Vol.1 (unmastered)
Influenza in Firenze: Viper Theatre, Firenze, Italy - 14/4/07 (+ bonus tracks) (2CD)

Live at the Astoria, London, UK - 27/3/99 / Asylum Studios, London, UK - 16/4/99

Seona Dancing (Ricky Gervais)
On My Side (vinyl/remix/b-sides compilation)

B-Sides 1986-1999

Sigur Ros
Live in Vienna, Austria - 16/10/02 (2CD)
The B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1999-2006 (2CD)
The Promotional Films (DVD)
Takk: Documentary + The Culture Show, BBC2 7/11/07 (DVD)

I Should Coco (b-sides)
In It For The Money (b-sides)
Maida Vale Studios, London, UK - 20/9/99

Spring Offensive
Between One and One-Nine-Four (2009-11) DETAIL
Between One and One-Nine-Four (2008-11) DETAIL

Sp!n (Gene)
Demos 1992

Stephen Jones (Babybird)
Between My Ears There's Nothing But B-Sides (Babybird/Stephen Jones 2002-10)

Smashing Pumpkins, The
Reel Time Studio Sessions, Chicago, USA - '89 DETAIL
Trippin' Through the Stars - Part II (1989-92) (tracks not on remastered box sets) (2CD)
Mashed Potatoes (LRS remastered version) (duplicate tracks released elsewhere omitted) (4CD)
Lollipop Fun Time - Part II (1993-94) (tracks not on remastered box sets)
'Mellon Collie' Demos (2CD)
'Infinite Sadness' (b-sides & non-album tracks 1995-97) (3CD)
Reading Festival, Reading, UK - 25/8/95
Roskilde Festival, Denmark -  1997
Demos Adore
Adore (b-sides/non-album tracks)
Live at Botanique Gardens, Brussels, Belgium - 28/5/98 (DVD)
'Machina' Demos
The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music
Live at Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 18/9/00 (2CD)
Machina II: The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (2CD)
Graceful Swans of Never (Documentary 1988-2000) (DVD)
Zeitgeist (b-sides)
Rock AM Ring: Nurburgring, Germany - 2/6/07 (DVD)
If All Goes Wrong [CD Version] Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, USA - July 2007  (3CD)
AOL Sessions, Beverly Hills, California, USA - 14/9/07 (DVD)
Live at The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA - 21/10/07 (2DVD) DETAIL
Various TV Appearances 1993-2010 (DVD)
Live at Terminal 5, New York, USA - 26/7/10 (DVD)
Live at Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico - 26/8/10 (DVD)
The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 5th Oct. '11 (2DVD)
Rock in Rio Festival, Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, Portugal - 26th May '12 (DVD)

Twilight Sad, The
Three Seconds of Dead Air (non-album tracks 2006-08) DETAIL

Tanya Donelly
Windham Hotel, Bellow Falls, Vermont, USA - 28th August '04 (tracks not included on 'This Hungry Life') DETAIL

Thirteen Senses
A Compilation of Live Recordings - 2001 (Soul Magician) (2CD)
100 Club, London, UK - 10/3/04
Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK - 6/9/04
One Big Weekend - Birmingham, UK - 19/9/04
Live in Liverpool, UK - 4/10/04
Radio Sessions 2004 (2CD)
Radio Interviews 2004
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland - 29/4/05
Pink Pop Festival, Holland - 16/5/05
Live in Holland: Paradiso + Pinkpop (DVD)
T in the Park Festival, Balado, Scotland - 10/7/05
Radio Sessions 2005 (2CD)
Radio Interviews 2005
Control: The DVD (promotional videos, interviews, tv footage, live, 2004-2005) (DVD)
Late Gazes (B-Sides & Non-Album tracks 2004/05) (2CD)
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/10/06
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/11/06
Luminaire, London, UK - 13/12/06
Billy Sloan, 102.5 Clyde1 Session, Scotland - 25/3/07
Final Call (B-Sides & Non-Album tracks 2006-07)
Radio Sessions 2007
Control II: (promotional videos, interviews, studio, live 2006-2007) (DVD)
A Selection of Sessions...2004-11

Down Under: Radio Performances + Interviews

Tears For Fears
In My Minds Eye: Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - Dec. 1983
Live in Manchester, UK 1985
The B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1981-1992 (2CD)
The B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 1993-2006

Talk Talk
Talking Colours: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK - 5/7/86

Terence Trent D'arby (Sananda Maitreya)
Introducing The Hardline - Live (DVD)
Love, Peace & Tolerance: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway - 5th Nov. 1993 (2CD)
Live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 27th July 1995
Live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK - 27th July 1995 (DVD)
B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1987-2002 (2CD)

Third Eye Blind
Demos 1994/95
Alone and Drowning (b-sides/rarities/non-album tracks 1997-2004) (2CD)

Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes (b-sides/non-album tracks 1991-93) (2CD) DETAIL
Under The Pink (b-sides/non-album tracks 1994-95) (2CD) DETAIL
Boys For Pele (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 1996) (2CD) DETAIL
From The Choirgirl Hotel (b-sides)
Scarlet's Walk (B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks 2001-02)
Non-Album Tracks 1999-2004

Tom Waits
San Diego Folk Festival, USA - 19/4/74

Upper Room, The
Means of Transport (demos '03/bedroom demos/metway sessions/new recordings) DETAIL
Live and In Session (tiscali showcase '05/xfm session '06/dermot O'leary '06/northsound 1 '06) DETAIL
B-Sides/Non-Album Tracks 2003-06 DETAIL

Unbelievable Truth
From This Height: The 'Almost Here' B-Sides DETAIL
Live at NME Brat Awards, Astoria, London, UK - 23/1/98
The Black Sessions: Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, Paris - 27/4/98
Misc. Music 2 (Official Website downloads, Sessions, Compilation tracks, Rarities) (2CD)
On T.V. (promotional videos/live performances/TV appearances) (DVD)

Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset, UK - 24/6/11 (2CD) DETAIL

The Vessels (Brinkman)
The Vessels (b-sides)

Vic Reeves/Bob Mortimer (Comedy)
Vic Reeves Big Night Out: Pilot Episode+New Years Eve Special+Fan Club Video (1989-1992) (DVD)
Vic Reeves Big Night Out on Tour (1991) (DVD)
The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer: Extras (omitted DVD footage from original videos) (1993) (DVD)
R&M Live: Tour 1694 PUCE (1994) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Pilot Episode+Series1+Xmas Special (1993-95) (3xDVD)
R&M's Driving School (1995) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series2+Xmas Special (1996) (2xDVD)
Shooting Stars: Unviewed and Nude (1996) (DVD)
Viz Top Tips with Reeves & Mortimer (1996) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Unpicked and Plucked (1997) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series3 (1997) (DVD)
It's Ulrika (1997) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series4 (2002) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series5 (2002) (2xDVD)
Vic Reeves' Rogues Gallery (2005) (2DVD)
Vic Reeves' House Arrest (2007) (3CD)
Shooting Stars: The Inside Story+Shooting Stars '08 (2008) (DVD)
Vic Reeves' Documentary Disc Vol.1: Who Do You Think You Are? (2004), Final Chance To Save Tapirs (2005),
-Dangerous Adventures For Boys (2008), Brilliant Britain (2009) (DVD)
Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights (2011) (DVD)
Shooting Stars: Series8 (2011) (2xDVD)

Recordings 2010-2012 [Golden Assembly EP, Sleepy House, Ocean Heart EP, BandCamp/MySpace] DETAIL

Winchell Riots, The (Fell City Girl/Phil McMinn)
A Thousand Figurines of You (2007-11) DETAIL

Dominion Theatre, London, UK - 22/11/82

Zwan (The Smashing Pumpkins)
Cafe de la Danse, Paris, France - 8/2/03
Farewell Zwan: Live at the Nuke Festival, Austria - 13/6/03 (final show)

Bad Company (BBC dramatisation about the Carl Bridgewater Four) (1993) (2xDVD) DETAIL
Comics (Lynda La Plante dramatisation) (1993) (2xDVD) DETAIL
Disaster at Silo 7 (Intercontinental ballistic missile TV movie) (1988) (DVD) DETAIL
Dream Demon (Deleted British Horror) (1988) (DVD) DETAIL
Fred and Rose: The West Murders (ITV documentary) (2008) (DVD)
Hale & Pace: The Best Of (1988) (DVD)
First Cut: Dear Mr Brady/Ian Brady: Endgames of a Psychopath (C4 Moors Murders documentaries) (2012) (DVD)
Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper (ITV Peter Sutcliffe documentary) (1999) (DVD)
Reverend Death (Jon Ronson documentary about assisted suicide activist George Exoo) (2008) (DVD) DETAIL
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