Flight of Angels/Spanish Fly
Big Pop Records
Released : '87
Highest UK Chart Position : n/a

7" Vinyl : Gone 1

A : Flight of Angels (3.22)
AA : Spanish Fly (2.47)

1) Produced by Alec Hawkins and The Go Hole
2) The artwork for the single is a birds eye view of a crushed plastic 5 gallon container
T h e  G o  H o l e  ( 1 9 8 7 - 8 9 )
The Go Hole consisted of John Mason (Brother of Steve) on Bass, Matt Wrigley (James) on Drums and Lee
Clarke on Guitar/Vocals. The trio met whilst studying at
Thames Polytechnic (University of Greenwich) and in
1987 released their own independent single, double-a side Flight of Angels/Spanish Fly.

During the latter part of '87, the band were asked into the studio to record a
session for the legendary John
Peel. This resulted in three tracks: Bayonet Practice, Treacherous and I'll Be Waiting.

Steve Mason joined the band when he returned from a trip to Hong Kong, making The Go Hole a four piece.

In 1989 they changed the name of the band to

"I look back at Flight of Angels quite fondly now...it has a naive charm about it and Spanish Fly, the double
A side was quite perky too. We actually shot a video for FoA in and around Greenwich foot tunnel and on the
river bank. We had the backing of a local theatre company who had a video camera and wanted to help
young bands. I'd like to see that again for a laugh! That single was the best thing The Go Hole did...the
follow up recordings were pretty poor.

I do remember myself and John Mason going to the phone box to phone John Peel while he was on air to see
if he had received the record. He took time to speak to me while a record was playing and informed me that
it was in the show later...it was a moment of magic I'll never forget and a feeling I wanted to have again!

The band name came from a beat novel by John Clellon Holmes and was the name of an illegal jazz
club...sounds better when you know that!"

Matt James, 11th Sept. '06

Thanks to Robb Roncs for the additional band information.
'you'll never walk again'
Steve Mason - guitars

Matt James (Wrigley) - drums

Lee Clarke - vocals/guitars

John Mason - bass
Flight of Angels - Spanish Fly - 1987
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