Stars in Their Eyes
Crowther Records
Released : 1996

CD : LRCD 001

01.Sick, Sober & Sorry (3.03)
02.Haunted by You (3.46)
03.A Car That Sped (3.46)
04.London, Can You Wait? (3.14)
05.To the City (4.18)
06.I Can't Help Myself (3.10)
07.Olympian (5.01)
08.Sleep Well Tonight (3.57)
1-8 electric set recorded at the New Trinity, Bristol, UK, 7th Feb. '95
09.For the Dead (4.02)
10.London, Can You Wait? (3.03)
11.Save Me, I'm Yours (5.04)
12.Still Can't Find the Phone (3.54)
13.Drawn to the Deep End (2.59)
9-13 Acoustic set recorded at the Cockpit, Leeds, UK, 1st Feb. '96
14.Left Handed (2.23)
15.Be My Light, Be My Guide (3.58)
16.Truth, Rest Your Head (5.01)
17.Sleep Well Tonight (4.04)
18.London, Can You Wait? (3.17)
19.Sick, Sober & Sorry (2.57
20.Olympian (5.31)
14-20 Electric set recorded at the Anson Rooms, Bristol, UK, 16th April '95

1) Silver CD bootleg comprising of three different live sets
2) All tracks are stereo soundboard recordings
4) We recommend using Free Download Manager to stabilise and prevent incomplete downloads
'you'll never walk again'
S t a r s  i n  T h e i r  E y e s
Stars in Their Eyes - 1996