Contra Records
Released : 29th Oct. '01
Highest UK Chart Position : 92

CD : Contra 2CD

01.Does He Have a Name? (7.16)
02.A Simple Request (3.49)
03.Is It Over? (4.42)
04.O Lover (5.58)
05.Let Me Rest (6.13)
06.We'll Get What We Deserve (4.51)
07.Walking in the Shallows (2.54)
08.Yours for the Taking (6.24)
09.You (4.05)
10.Spy in the Clubs (4.16)
11.Somewhere in the World (3.03)
12.Supermarket Bombscare (3.19)
Japan CD Only
13.Little Diamond (6.12) Japan CD Only

1) Forth and final studio album, and the third release on the bands own label.
Is It Over? EP
Contra Records
Released : 15th Oct. '01
Highest UK Chart Position : n/a

CD : Contra CDS1

01.Is It Over? (4.42)
02.Supermarket Bombscare (3.19)
03.Little Diamond (6.12)
04.Who Said This Was the End? (4.29)

1) The second release on the bands own label
L i b e r t i n e
Produced by : Hugh Jones except track 9 by Stephen Street
All songs written by : Mason, Rossiter, Miles, James
Libertine - USA Edition
iMusic/Artist Direct Records
Released : 6th Aug. '02

CD : 80119-01049-2

01.Let Me Move On (4.50)
02.Does He Have a Name? (7.16)
03.A Simple Request (3.49)
04.Yours for the Taking (6.24)
05.Is It Over? (4.42)
06.O Lover (5.58)
07.With Love in Mind (3.07)
08.Let Me Rest (6.13)
09.From Georgia to Osaka (3.17)
10.We'll Get What We Deserve (4.51)
11.Walking in the Shallows (2.54)
12.You (4.05)
13.Spy in the Clubs (4.16)
14.Somewhere in the World (3.03)
Who Said This Was the End? (4.29)
Hidden Track

1) USA edition of the album including additional tracks
2) Tracks 7, 9 + 15 produced by Gene
'you'll never walk again'
Libertine - 2001
Libertine (USA EDITION) - 2002
Is It Over? EP - 2001
Let Me Move On
Costermonger Records
Released : 13th Dec. '04
Highest UK Chart Position : 69

CD : Cost10 CD1

01.Let Me Move On (Radio Edit) (3.36)
02.If I'm a Friend (5.03)
03.Left For Dust (5.07)

1) Initially scheduled as a 2CD/7" combo, only CD1 was ever pressed
2) The 7" vinyl was to have the demo version of Baby, I'm Sorry as the b-side
3) Tracks 2+3 are incorrectly listed on some copies, they play in reverse order
4) If I'm a Friend is the same version as found on the Let Me Move On EP USA
5) Costermonger Records, the label that issued Gene's debut 7" in '94, released this final single
5) The Artwork is part of a collection called '
September Girls' by Mary Grant
Let Me Move On - 2004