December 2014 :

Can't believe it's 20 years since For the Dead and 10 years since our last gig.

Really enjoyed the re-issue launch party at the Camden Barfly in February and seeing a lot of old
friends. I thought Demon did a great job with the CD's, hope you all enjoyed the interviews, photo's
and new material. It was good fun putting them all together.

Thought those who didn't attend might like the
attached thoughts of Chairman Miles included in the
fanzine that was printed that night by Annie and Vicky. Great memories.

Everything good in the Miles household.

Have a great Christmas.

Love and Peace to all,
Kev Miles xxx
K e v ' s  C h r i s t m a s  M e s s a g e
'you'll never walk again'
Eagerly awaited words from Kevin Miles...
December 2009 :

Another year gone and you are all still here, can't believe it. Just back from visiting my in-laws in
Chester so cutting it fine. Hope all are well.

Had a few strong sherries with Matt and Steve a few weeks ago at our friend Nick the Cabby's 50th
(cabby in the Be My Light Video) always good to see the lads, like brothers we are.

All things good in the Miles household. My eldest is a teenager next month and they are all growing
up. It's all Dizzee Rascal and Chipmunk round ours these days.

A new job for me starts next month at a special needs residential college, should be a piece of cake
after years in the music biz!!

A few lovely days at our house in the summer with Julian from Grand Drive and his family which
ended with beer, wine and jamming sessions every night, great fun.

Would love to reccomend new bands to you but it's John Coltrane and Richard Hawley for me at the

Everyone take care and have a great Christmas and all the best for 2010
Kev xx
December 2013 :

Merry Christmas to you all.

Been a good year on the Gene front. Enjoyed working with Steve and Matt putting the deluxe
re-issues together. Trawling through demos, unreleased songs, scrap book press cuttings and doing
interviews. It's been a real trip down memory lane.

20 years since For the Dead next year I can't believe it.

One of the best days of the year for me was the BBQ at Matt's in the Summer with Steve and our wives
and kids. Oh and Steve teaching my eldest son Elliot 'Where are they now' on guitar, priceless.

Hope you enjoy the albums.

God Bless
December 2006 :

What do you mean Gene have split up? Wondered why I hadn't heard from them for a while.

Martin quit the band for reasons that went back years which only the four of us know about. It wasn't
purely about the fear of becoming a nostalgia band or getting a proper job. In fact I was the first to
take the plunge and start a teaching job in 2002 as I had three kids and a Fred Perry habit to support.

We were in financial meltdown after Libertine which we are all still recovering from. I know Martin
genuinely believed splitting the band in 2004 was the right time to do it. I personally think we had
another album in us.

I miss Steve losing his mobile everyday, Matt and his egg mayo sarnies, and Martin going to the toilet
all the time.

Until the Here and Now Britpop reunion tour of 2010 with Sleeper and Shed 7 I am forming Gene 2
with my kids. It is going well though Ewan has a broken arm at the moment so struggling with the
drums to Fighting Fit. Jessica and Elliot are doing a sterling job as the Rossiter/Mason front line
(guess who is Martin) and I am still trying to perfect my Ronnie Lane shuffling across the stage.
Although at my age shuffling is all I can manage. We have been offered thousands not to do it.

Palace Fires, when you gonna do a Saturday gig so me and the Grimsby boys can come and see you?

On a serious note, I miss Gene. We were bloody brilliant.

Have a peaceful Christmas.
Love Kev.
November 2005 :

Sorry to see site is closing down (, thanks for all the support over the
years everyone. Gene were a big part of all our lives and we made some mighty fine music didn't we.

Me I'm now a qualified teacher working on a music course at a college in Nottingham. Won't be
attempting to scale the charts again as I'm far too old these days and want to be at home with my wife
and three kids these days, thanks for asking though my one fan!!!

Hope to see you at future Matt and Steve gigs and maybe even the Roz?

Love Kev xxxx
January 2008 :

Yes we did indeed play last week at the 100 Club in London.

It was our old managers 50th and his wife invited us all down for a surprise party. Steve suggested we
get up and play a few songs which we did. We played Be My Light, For the Dead, Where are they now,
London, and Olympian. We all really enjoyed it but I'm sure it was just a one off.

It would have been nice to have a few die hard fans there but it was a party not a gig and to be honest,
it wasn't until a couple of days before that we decided to do it.

Kev Miles.
December 2015 :

Hope everyone on here are well. It's brilliant people still love our music after all these years.

Spent a few hours with Matt and Steve this month catching up. Everything good here in Lincolnshire,
still happily married and a proud Dad to 3 wonderful kids.

Fave Xmas song has to be Slade and Merry Xmas Everybody and a guilty pleasure one is Driving
home for Xmas by Chris Rea!!!

New Year advice is 'Listen to Jeremy Corbyn, he know's you know'.

New Year Resolution is to cut back on the red wine a bit.

Have a great Christmas
Peace and Love
Kev Miles xx
December 2016 :

Hope everyone is good in Gene world?

Been another good year in the Miles household. My youngest son Ewan turned 18. Now the kids are
all grown up me and my wife re- discovered our tent and had a couple of trips camping on our own in
Norfolk and North Wales, bliss.

One of the highlights of the year was Grimsby Town F.C finally getting back into the football league.
Low points being the death of David Bowie and Rod Temperton. Rod was from Cleethorpes like me
and a big inspiration when I was growing up. The fact that someone could come from where I do and
go on and write Rock with You and Thriller. Statue needed!!!

I’m still teaching, mainly at Boston College and playing Bass. Done a couple of sessions and playing in
a rhythm and blues band called The Legendary Nighthawks which takes me full circle back to my first
band when I was 15. That’s how I learnt my chops as they say playing guitar to Chuck Berry and Dr.
Feelgood songs. A boy band we are not as I’m 2nd youngest but great players.

Bands I’ve been listening to are the London soul band The Milk and a great band up here in
Lincolnshire called Kings and Bears. Plus a great singer in New York called James Maddock.

As for next year the love of my life Jenny is 50 so God knows what that makes me! 26 years we have
been together, wow. Celebrating all year she says!

Not seen the Gene lads this year but I know they are all bringing up their little nippers. Would be good
for all four of us to sit down with a few beers and laugh like drains like we once did.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. Leave you with this clip of Smokey and Aretha singing one of
the best songs ever, Smokey’s Ooh Baby Baby . Soppy old sod aren’t I.

Kev Miles xxxx